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Justin Dalzell

Justin loves making movies; they are his hard working devotion and passion. He has been so fortunate to have worked closely with an inspiring group of filmmakers such as Quentin Tarantino, Alan Ball, Robert Richardson, Janusz Kaminski, Mauro Fiore, Gregg Fienberg, and many others who have helped shape his creative and business aesthetic as a producer. Justin’s experience thus far has made him realize the importance of carrying on this impeccable standard of filmmaking to future generations. He is a lover of cinema history and holds a strong value for the study of master filmmakers that came before him. Like these artists, Justin aims to produce movies with robust meaning that maintain their potency over time as a piece of total entertainment.

Justin’s work has been recognized in worldwide film festivals and publications including Locarno International, Clermont-Ferrand, and Panavision’s New Filmmaker Program. His recent films include collaborations with The Getty Foundation, Cliff Dweller Media, and directors Stephanie Martin, Oliver Bernsen, Cathy Martino, David Raboy, Jonathan Siebel, & Miguel Angelo Pate. 

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