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Sara Nichols
Executive Producer

Sara Nichols works as an environmental and political activist in Los Angeles. Before running for Congress in 1994, she worked as an international flight attendant for TWA, a public defender, and a staff attorney for a public interest environmental organization in Pennsylvania. Sara holds a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and a JD from Villanova University Law School. 


For most of her adult life, Sara has been an advocate for various environmental organizations and political candidates who support environmental sustainability, conservation and women's reproductive rights. She served on the Mulholland Design Review board for three years, Americans for a Safe Future board for 4 years and her homeowners' association board for 5 years; as its President for one year. Currently, she serves on the boards of TreePeople and Women's Campaign International and the National Advisory Board for Union of Concerned Scientists.  She is active with Planned Parenthood Guild of Los Angeles, Conservation International and is co-founder of Los Angeles Bioneers.

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