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People often ask “how did they get that horse to do that?” when watching a film with horses.  Rex explains that like in any good relationship once you have trust, communication, respect, and knowledge, you can accomplish almost anything.  Rex Peterson brings 50 years of experience working with horses and riders, in a range of riding styles – Western, English, Dressage, Trick Riding (from the age of 7-24 around the world), Rodeo, Driving, and Harness – in both the movie industry and with private clients.


With over five decades of experience training horses for film, Rex has become an actor favorite, often sought after in Hollywood as the horse wrangler. His best known work includes The Black Stallion, The Horse Whisperer, Hidalgo, Flicka, Dreamer, Appaloosa, All the Pretty Horses, The Ring, The Patriot, Buddy, Crazy Horse, Far and Away, Sylvester, Three Amigos, Runaway Bride and, Black Beauty. His tremendous patience, kindness and understanding allow Rex to train horses to do what others claim impossible.


In a world where most trainers focus on one discipline, Rex is unique in that he can improve any horse from any area of the horse world. He does not believe in the expression “I can’t”.  According to Rex “either you’ll try or you won’t, anything is possible”. Rex loves a challenge. 

Rex Peterson
Liberty Horse Trainer
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